SONIC NEW TRICKS & TREAT for Halloween 2023

Prepare to scream for the tastiest treat of the Halloween season, only found at SONIC Drive-Ins. In today’s world of many choices, restaurants must accommodate a multitude of needs. One of the finest locations to grab a quick bite when you’re on the road is Sonic. With their Sonic DRIVE-IN INTRODUCES NEW TRICKS, they provide a selection of delicious options that are completely lacking of dairy products. Sonic can accommodate all of your needs, whether you desire a dairy-free diet, have a dairy allergy, or both.

Start Price for Sonic Trick or Treat: $4.59 for a medium

Time Period: offered through December 31, 2023

Three ideal treats for the scary Halloween season.

  • M&M’S Minis
  • OREO Cookie Pieces

Three fan favorites—HEATH, M&M’S Minis, and OREO Cookie Pieces—along with creamy soft serve make up the brand-new Trick or Treat Blast. Drive-ins all throughout the country are starting to play The Trick or Treat Blast.

SONIC Trick or Treat Blasts

The Trick or Treat Blast is like tearing open a bag of your favorite treats and indulging in them all in one crave-able bite, whether your Halloween plans involve going door to door in costume or sitting in pajamas to watch a scary movie. The colorful and crispy-coated chocolate M&M’S Minis, the crunchy OREO Cookie Pieces with creamy filling, and the sweet, salty HEATH toffee are all combined with your choice of rich vanilla or chocolate soft serve before being topped with even more of all three treats.

Sonic Trick or Treat Blasts

SONIC Drive-In Combines Best Pieces from Halloween Haul

One of the finest parts of Halloween is all the wonderful candies you may gather on October 31; yet, choosing which candy is your favorite can be a surprising difficulty. Fortunately, trick-or-treating gives you the chance to obtain samples of not only your favorite candies, but also of ones that you might not otherwise be interested in. The all-new Trick or Treat Blast from SONIC Drive-In, which combines several favored Halloween candies into one delectable dessert, has been introduced in the spirit of taking advantage of everything that trick-or-treating has to offer.

Halloween is a time to indulge your sweet hunger, so you shouldn’t have to select just one, said Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation at SONIC. “We know that it can be hard to pick just one item to enjoy from your trick or treating bag, but Halloween is a time to indulge your sweet tooth and you shouldn’t have to choose just one!” “We originally released the Trick or Treat Blast in 2020, and this year we’ve reinvented the crowd-pleaser dessert to include a new lineup of three delicious add-ins that will give visitors the impression that they’re getting a whole trick-or-treat loot in every bite. It’s frighteningly delicious whether you pair it with chocolate or vanilla soft serve.

SONIC Halloween Trick or Treat Blasts Price

Starting at $4.59 for a Medium, the fantastic Trick or Treat Blasts also benefit a worthy cause.

SONIC Trick or Treat Blasts Donation

Through the SONIC Limeades for Learning project, powered by the SONIC Foundation, SONIC donates a part of all drink, slush, blast, and shake sales to assist public education.

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